Spotlight on the UNTWIST focus lines

The drought stress experiment with the four UNTWIST focus lines at the flowering stage, carried out by AIT at the novel high-throughput phenotyping platform PHENOPlant in Vienna.   Based on a combined evaluation of the genetic diversity and field and glasshouse trials of the 54 UNTWIST core collection lines, four camelina focus lines were selected…

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For more than 20 years, JOBIM has been the annual event that federates French bioinformatics. The 2022 edition was held on the Beaulieu Campus of the University of Rennes 1, from 5 to 8th July. Around 500 participants attended this edition. The organization of JOBIM was led by the Société Française de BioInformatique (SFBI), in…

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A REPOSITORY FOR NEW INSIGHTS INTO THE HEAT AND DROUGHT STRESS TOLERANCE OF AN ANCIENT OILSEED. RESEARCH ON GOLD OF PLEASURE (Camelina sativa) Some plants are very sensitive to stresses, while others are hardy and continue to grow unperturbed when the field gets hotter or drier. The increasing stresses on agriculture from an accumulation of…

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