A REPOSITORY FOR NEW INSIGHTS INTO THE HEAT AND DROUGHT STRESS TOLERANCE OF AN ANCIENT OILSEED. RESEARCH ON GOLD OF PLEASURE (Camelina sativa) Some plants are very sensitive to stresses, while others are hardy and continue to grow unperturbed when the field gets hotter or drier. The increasing stresses on agriculture from an accumulation of…

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Camelina Sowing in Spain

In Spain camelina’s sowings for the 2020-2021 campaign began in November and have lasted until Christmas. The rains prior to the beginning of sowing and the accumulation of humidity in the soil have favored the emergence of camelina in practically the entire country. Figure 1: Initial stages of the camelina. Photo Credit Camelina Company Now…

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INRAE France Versalles

Improving seed maturation in France

The integration of camelina as summer catch crop at INRAE France Versailles will give the possibility to analyse the field trials work of the camelina core collection during this spring/summer 2021, that has been the first step of the UNTWIST french partner research. The first results of the field trial harvest at Versailles after cutting…

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camelina in UK

Spring crop in the UK

In the frame of the UNTWIST the camelina field trial at Rothamsted was harvested in August 2021 with the help of the Rothamsted Farm Team and a small plot combine. Seed yield, oil content, and composition will now be analyzed in the 54 camelina varieties to assess the performance of this spring crop in the…

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  In the frame of UNTWIST project, we specifically dedicated efforts to joint networking activities with different projects financed to establish a fruitful collaboration and share expertise and knowledge on plant adaptation. UNTWIST would like to invite coordinators of other related projects to join the UNTWIST COMMUNITY as supporting experts. Your project will be portrayed…

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What is it about? PANACEA Network aims at the dissemination of near to practice applicable cases of Non-food Crops and at the cooperation between research, industry and farming community, in order to increase the contribution of Non-food Crops to the European Bio-economy Strategy. Non-food crops (NFC) are those that do not enter the food chains and…

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  The UNTWIST Camelina core collection has been brought together from cultivars growing in diverse climates and geographic locations. It includes 31 different landraces, 20 lines sourced from breeding programmes and 3 commercial cultivars. The core collection incorporates a range of genetics, phenotypes, architecture and adaptive plasticity. This means the core collection is an excellent…

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What is it about? 4CE-MED project aims at developing Mediterranean innovative, diversified and resilient farming systems not competing for land with actual food chain, following a participatory approach for identifying smallholder needs, while planning, monitoring and evaluating the project actions. The 4CE-MED systems are modified conventional farming systems including camelina, a promising oilseed crop for…

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What is it about? This 4-year project aims at promoting the sustainable development of resource-efficient and economically profitable industrial crops grown on marginal lands, considering that industrial crops can provide valuable resources for high added value products and bioenergy. To achieve the project objective, an up-to-date database of existing resource-efficient industrial crops will be developed…

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