Photo: CCE

Plant Adaptation Hub

UNTWIST is establishing a Knowledge Hub to translate and disseminate the discoveries into practical know-how for multiple stakeholders in agriculture.

The Knowledge Hub will provide access to (epi)genetic, metabolic, physiological, and agronomic data on camelina, tools for data exploitation, metabolic makers and models for yield prediction.

The resources and models developed in UNTWIST will be freely accessible and communicated via the Knowledge Hub, enabling a diverse community of stakeholders to access and utilise these technical advances for precision breeding and climate-smart cropping.

Thanks to this, a discussion forum will be available to increase awareness of different stakeholders (e.g. breeders, farmers, industry, researchers, students, policy makers and general public), enabling effective translation of research outcomes to in-field applications.

UNTWIST will organize appropriate sample identification, data management, as well as data tracking and will establish the computational basis for the Knowledge Hub. UNTWIST will use the FAIR principles, (‘FAIR Guiding Principles for scientific data management and stewardship’), which provide guidelines to improve the findability, accessibility, interoperability, and reuse of digital assets.

This unique Knowledge Hub will represent an unprecedented ‘one stop shop’ resource for the diverse user and stakeholder communities UNTWIST plans to reach. Our data and public data will be jointly presented to allow to generate knowledge and to learn from this knowledge using interactive browsing and graphical analysis.

Hub link coming soon