What is it about?

Our main goal is to enable a better strategic planning that includes a measure of flexibility for the airspace users.
A data driven approach to strategic planning: ADAPT develops strategic and tactical models to predict volume, flexibility and complexity of traffic demand across Europe using a data driven approach.
Network wide and flight centric assessment: ADAPT aims at develop data driven models for predicting, at strategic horizons, the traffic demand across Europe. We will assess the models both from a network and from a flight centric perspective.
From complex results to meaningful visualization: By constantly involving the stakeholders we will explore the real operational benefits. The results of our models will be conveyed in the most meaningful way to our users and an ADAPT demo will be developed for the end of the project.

Joint the project

Project leader

UNIVIE The University of Vienna

Networking activities

  • Joint workshop on best practice of data sampling and management – More info
  • AIT presented UNTWIST at the ADAPT Project Meeting and The coordinator of ADAPT has been approached and agreed to serve as EEAB member – More info
  • The coordinator of ADAPT presented the project at the UNTWIST Kick-off Meeting – More info