What is it about?

This 4.5-year project aims at reducing the dependence of Europe’s oleochemical industry on imported plant oils by turning camelina and crambe into profitable, sustainable, multipurpose, non-transgenic European oil crops.

The European oleochemical industry currently relies on imported coconut and palm kernel oils and fatty acids and on castor oil as sources for medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA, C10–C14) and medium-chain polymer building blocks. These are needed for the production of plastics, surfactants, detergents, lubricants, plasticisers and other products.

Joint the project

Project leader

Wageningen Food & Biobased Research Dr. Rolf Blaauw.

Networking activities

  • UNTWIST community is linked to social media channels of COSMOS project to facilitate the achievement of potential common target groups where the UNTWIST Newsletter has been disseminated. 
  • Social media profiles and news published in both projects are shared continuously. 
  • UNIBO as partners participating in both projects generates knowledge to develop research activities and exchange results.